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Brooks Beast and Ariel Running Shoe Review

Motion control shoes for larger runners and those needing more comfort

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Brooks beast motion control running shoes; photo © 2014 KSmith Media, LLC

The Beast is Brook’s best seller for runners that need a stability running shoe. Even Runner’s World magazine calls it “the most stable shoe in running.” Of course, you can’t have stability without weight so these are no racing flats; they weigh in at the 14 oz. Range.

But they’re a blessing for heavier runners, over-pronaters, and those who have flat feet or a low arch. In fact they are marketed primarily to super-sized athletes although they are a good choice for anybody needing extra cushioning.

One review on the Brooks site says, “Im a size 14 , 6’5” and 250 lbs. but enjoy running despite lower back problems from playing Rugby. A friend of mine suggested Beasts as he said ‘big guys need big shoes and they build them big over in the US’, suffice to say have just bought my 5th pair and will never consider anything else. Only downside as some have noted is they do weigh a lot, but then if your going to build a training shoe that can take 3x weight impact when running, that’s over 750 lbs. for me going through the sole so they need to be built like battle tanks! Their reputation is well deserved.”

This shoe has a long history of being favored by heavier runners. When the company first developed this shoe, it was called the Brooks Chariot. For some reason, it was renamed (there’s probably a focus group involved here somewhere). In any event, they’ve been tweaking the design and using evolving sporting goods materials ever since.

Makeup of the Brooks Beast

The latest models have a bit firmer transition bridge, which gives it the rigidity for stability. One thing Brooks has been trying to do is make the shoe a bit more flexible without compromising the motion control.

They’ve also added a bit more foam wrap to the midsole to cushion and “contain” the foot. This is a benefit for heavier runners or those who tend to develop blisters.

Do you have wide feet? If so, Brooks has you covered. This shoe is available not only in the normal width, but also in wide 2E and Extra Wide 4E.

Yes, There’s the Ariel, the Woman’s Model

Brooks Ariel motion control running shoes
The marketing department at Brooks must have realized that while men might get a shot of psychological testosterone out the the name, it wouldn’t pass muster with most female runners.

So while keeping the technology and technical features basically the same, the woman’s version is called the Brooks Ariel. These weight in at 12.3 oz. and come in widths of normal, Wide D, and Extra Wide 2E.

So the bottom line is that this is considered one of the leaders in the motion control arena. The only drawback is the price. The MSRP is $140, but the astute shopper can sometimes locate a sale in the $90 range. Still, you get what you pay for.

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