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Fun Summer Activities to Get You in Shape Together

Running is not Always a Family Activity; Cross-Training Activities Can Include Everyone

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Runners on the beach; photo courtesy Brionna Kennedy

Staying active and in shape during the summer can be fun for the whole family. Families can engage in many physical activities including playing sports, hiking, taking brisk walks, and others. Exercises have wide-ranging benefits. They help people boost their self-esteem and learn the value of discipline.

Working out makes the body produce endorphins, which is the body’s natural painkiller. Release of endorphins into the bloodstream relieves pain, enhances the immune system, reduces stress, delays the aging process, and ultimately leads to happiness.


Summer sand volleyball serving; image © KSmith Media, LLC

Many homes have space in their backyards where family members can set up a volleyball net and enjoy playing a few games each week. Those with limited backyard space can sign up for a gym that has a volleyball court on-site or find one in their neighborhoods.

Like other sports, volleyball helps participants learn strategic thinking and improve the quality of their lives and health. Playing volleyball is a great summer workout, which helps participants improve their mood and achieve more toned bodies.

Since volleyball requires jumping power, use a StrengthTape to strengthen leg muscles for the sport.


Another way for a family to work out together is for the members to find a track around the locality. Many schools have tracks that they allow the public to use. If there is no track in the area, they can run around the park or block a number of times.

Running provides many benefits. It is inexpensive. It can be a social outlet; there are running clubs in all metropolitan areas and in most smaller towns. It offers the opportunity for people to change sceneries. It is also an effective cardio exercise.

Running allows people to gather their thoughts and release stress slowly as they go. Not only is it is a good stress reliever but also helps to calm down the participant after a stressful day at work or school.

Like other exercises, running burns calories and can be done alone or in a group. It reduces the risk of developing various health complications like diabetes and high blood pressure among others.


This is another fun activity that families and couples can engage in during the summer. Finding a basketball court in many neighborhoods is not a tall order.

Families can even plan for games against each other including children against adults, men against women or mix and match up.

When going for a basketball game, carry towels and coolers filled with water. Whatever activity the family engages in, it is important to ensure everyone stays hydrated. Basketball is a fun game that helps people develop teamwork and leadership skills.


Find out if there are hiking trails that the family can explore. Plan for a hiking trip every weekend or so. If the area has several hiking trails, choose a different trail each time to keep the trips interesting and exciting.

And if you don’t know any hikes in your area, use this hike finder website. It will find hikes nearby wherever you are located.


In most people’s minds, swimming is the defining summer sport, whether it is splashing around in the surf, lounging in the pool, or doing lap intervals in the pool. Anyone close to the ocean can burn calories just slogging through the surf or doing an open-water swim.

Families with small children might find a swimming pool to be the best solution, whether it is in the backyard or a neighborhood or city pool. It gives the adults a good chance to relax and socialize while the kids go nuts in the water.

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