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Newsletter Archive - 09.30.10 -Early Fall Edition

HARRA Cross Country Relay, Barefoot Running, Spinach Hummus Dip Recipe, and More

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Hi Subscriber, welcome to the Running Across Texas newsletter! This is the early fall edition. The weather has been nice enough that I've been able to turn the air conditioner off for the past three days. With a ceiling fan whirling over my head the world is a good place indeed. And those cooler mornings really make for nice daily runs with my running partner Eddie, a frisky rat terrier.

Unfortunately, the cool front didn't arrive in time for HARRA's kick-off event of Houston's fall racing season last Saturday, the 2X4 Cross Country Relay. I posted a short race review with a link to some photos. Check it out if you haven't already. A good word on the pics - I'm planning to upgrade to a pro-caliber camera in the near future. The next race in the fall series is the USA Space Center 10-Miler which will happen on 10/10/10. USA is of course the United Space Alliance who has always been a first-class sponsor. With Washington putting a squeeze on NASA that may not continue for long.

I recently had a look at the trend of barefoot running. Most of the runners I talk to think it's a passing fad and I tend to agree. Is it a good idea? Maybe, if your biomechanics can put up with it. I'm sure it wouldn't work for me. I'm currently trotting in a pair of Brooks Beast, which is the modern version of the retired Chariot, if you're old enough to remember those great shoes. Yes they're heavy, but they keep me pain free. But for those of you that can run sans shoes, more power to ya! You're saving some bucks.

I recently did a bit of experimenting in the kitchen. One of the joys of running is that you can eat without guilt and still look good. This time I was going to make some hummus but my blender wasn't up to the task so it ended up as more of a dip. It was still awesomely delicious although she-who-must-be-obeyed complained about too much garlic. Who knew you could have too much of the onion's stinky cousin? In my defense, it helps out with my high blood pressure. Check out my dip recipe if you're feeling creative.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of the newsletter. Feel free to pass it on to your friends and they can go here to subscribe. We value your privacy; to unsubscribe simply send an email to with "Unsubscribe" as the topic. And remember, guest articles are always welcome at the site.

Happy running!