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2011 Bay Area Running Club/Clear Lake Fitness Club Pub Crawl

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I can’t be everywhere with my camera; in fact most of the events I get to are in the Houston area. If you have pics from events I haven’t covered, feel free to forward your favorites to so we can post them. Click thumbnails for a larger image.

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Looking for older races? Check out these road race photos older than March, 2010. Click the Photo button at the top of this page (or the “Older Texas Race Photos” links above for more recent events. As always, if you are a race participant and want a huge full-size pic without the watermark and cropped to your order, it will be available for a small fee to cover my expenses.

Saturday, August 27, 2011 - BARC/CLFC Pub Crawl

This is an annual event; I think this is the 11th iteration? Even though it was initially started as an unofficial low-key, no-frills event by several Bay Area Running Club members, today it’s not really “owned” by any particular club (probably a good thing from a liability standpoint in our litigious society), BARC and the CLFC are the biggest promoters and organizers. Each year has a theme; this year it was Rock n’ Roll.

This year I elected not to run it, but to provide shuttle service in my bigass Tundra (point to point run), and to take the pictures you see here on this page. Good idea too; we had record high temperatures. The bar line-up changed a bit as it always does.

If you haven’t ever done this event, consider it next year. You’re guaranteed to meet some really nice people, have a ton-o-fun, and hey, it’s a good opportunity to help the local economy as the current administration in Washington slashes NASA and uses the saved funds to take luxury vacations. Yep, I’ve got attitude!

Warming Up and Group Photo-Op at Carlo’s Beer Garden

What run would be complete without the requisite warm-up?

At the Cross-Eyed Seagull

On the Road and the NASA Hilton

Yes, this is the Hilton where that lady dentist ran over her cheating husband — several times. Needless to say, we are especially cautious when crossing their parking lot.

Water Stop #2 and the Appropriately Named Brewers Guild

The Brewers Guild is the best place to buy beer brewing supplies in this area. DeFalcos in Houston is great, but who wants to drive that far? Last year, the BG rep saw us running by and implored Jay and I to include them on the line-up next year and bribed us with free brewski samples. Unfortunately, they forgot about the invitation (too many cold ones, guys?), but were accommodating anyhow.

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