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The Basics of Ultramarathon Training

An Endurance Race has Requirements Such as Weight Training

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Runners come in a variety of flavors. Some jog around for a weight loss program. Others focus on the 5K and 10K. Most generally move up to the half and full marathon. And then there’s the true thrill-seeker, the runner that moves up the the ultra. And it’s a whole different kettle of fish.

What I mean there is that there must be a substantial training concept shift away from regular training plans. The shift is as much psychological as physical, or in at least it was in my case.

Where shorter races are fairly well defined, ultras come in many distances. The only generally-agreed upon rule is that the minimum distance is anything over a regular marathon (26.2 miles). From there it just goes up. That being said, for most of us this race isn’t speed-oriented. Not to say that you don’t want to do your best, however the point is reaching the finish line in a vertical position and enjoying yourself.

Ultramarathon Training Techniques

The advice I give below is what worked for me, tweaked over the course of 5 Sunmart Ultras in Huntsville State Park. As a caveat, remember that due to the extra stress you are putting on your body, always warm up. Here are 5 Effective Dynamic Warm-Up Techniques.

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