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Specific Stretches Offer Relief for Runner’s Knee

Call it That, Chondromalacia, or Patello-Femoral Syndrome; It’s a Painful Sports Injury

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A single quadricep stretch offers relief for runners knee, photo by K Voshen
Runner’s knee also technically called chondromalacia or patello-femoral syndrome is a major complaint among athletes, and runners in particular. According to Syntex Laboratories, this sports injury is responsible for up to 50% of all overuse injuries.

It’s often treated with surgery, medicine, and forms of physical therapy. Some yoga-type poses or stretching are in this last category and are more affordable and can be done at home.

All runners should keep a flexibility routine in their training plan anyway; it will help to avoid injuries and improve overall athletic performance. To complicate things, we lose flexibility as we move up in age groups. Sad but true. When runner’s knee strikes despite our best intentions, these specific 5 stretches may help.

If you find yourself among the afflicted, give these home remedies a try. Sure, you might have to go to a sports medicine specialist depending on your injury level, but stretching is always a good idea.

Do you have any experience or tips for the relief of runner’ knee? Share your info with our readers in the comment section below!

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